Delightful Day at The Albany Art House

I have just returned home from the most wonderful day with Lorraine Thorne at the Albany Art House. Many of you will already know Lorraine (Lozzie) from our October Flourish session when she ran a fantastic acrylics workshop. There were some wonderful pieces of art produced by the Flourishers and I was very jealous as I couldn’t make it to the session.

So when Lorraine Streatfield suggested attending a days workshop / arty party with Lozzie at the Albany Art House I was there with knobs on!

Lozzie has a beautiful victorian home on a leafy street in Leighton Buzzard and her gorgeous workshop is placed at the bottom of her garden.

On arrival Lozzie served up the most amazing hot chocolate I have ever had! It was like soup. So indulgent and delicious !

And as we sat sipping our drinks in the glorious autumn sunshine, Lozzie explained the plan for the day. The aim was to create texture with foil and silver plumbers tape which we would then paint over with acrylics and add further layers and textures as we saw fit. The table was scattered with loads of cool inspirational postcards and prints and Lozzie’s work was on the walls to give us even more ideas.

It was really inspiring to sit in such a beautiful space with all the equipment you could possibly need close to hand.

And here are the results!

Plus we got to meet the adorable ‘Bear’ Lozzies new dog. 🙂

I would love return to The Albany Art House for another workshop soon. Maybe for screen printing? The atmosphere was friendly, relaxed and inspiring. Lozzie made us all so welcome and cooked a delicious lunch for everyone.

It was a completely gorgeous day.

2 thoughts on “Delightful Day at The Albany Art House

    • Thanks so much Ali. I am lucky enough to be returning for another day with the lovely Lozzie on Friday, so will post the results soon.
      I love your blog also. I think we share a stationery obsession ! Really enjoyed you post on planners. 😀

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