Mad March Flourish – The Results

Needle Felted Hares

This month at Flourish we had a go at needle felting. My interest in this brilliantly simple technique was first peaked back in October, when my sister Zoe and I visited the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. We were quickly attracted to the wonderful stand of the Makerss. There were loads of brilliant kits for foxes, badgers, sheep, robins, flowers and all sorts of other wonderful projects. I had been so taken with their gorgeous creations Zoe treated me to one of their Christmas mice kits.

A few weeks later in December, I finally managed to give myself time to make my Christmas mice. The weather was bad, we were snowed in and not going anywhere. A day sat at the dining room table, next to the wood burner, needle felting, sounded like a lovely plan.

It took me approximately 3 hours to finish my trio of mice and despite a few disparaging remarks from various family members I was pretty pleased with the results.

I really enjoyed the technique. It felt very calming and mindful. Although stabbing my thumb several times brought me sharply back to reality.

After such an enjoyable afternoon I decided to see if I could find any suitable kits we could use at our next Flourish session. Something for Easter seemed like a good plan so I googled bunnies and came across  which is a charming site run by @lydianeedle . In her shop Lydia has some wonderful kits to make brown and white hares, perfect for Easter, so I got in touch with her and immediately ordered 20 kits.

Within each kit was everything we needed (including a cool fluorescent plaster each !) and Lydia had been kind enough to send us a few pieces of extra wool in case they were needed.

It was a busy Thursday Night Flourish session, as well as many of our lovely regulars we also had a few newbies along which was brilliant. As we began stabbing the wool in order to get it to condense into the shapes we required, there was lots of giggling as many of the initial shapes looked either, how should I put it, slightly phallic or some were more like a mobile phone poo emoji ! But we struggled on and soon got into the calming rhythm of needle felting and before long our bunnies were taking shape.

Here are a few pics of our session.

I would love to run another needle felting Flourish soon and maybe attempt a flower broach. Let me know if you would like me to organise it and watch out here on the areyouflourishing blog for details.

Nearly forgot to say a big thank you to Julie who made the most amazing brownies for everyone. Yum😊❤.

Till next time

Keep Flourishing

Charlotte X

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