Bite the Bullet – Flourish May 2018

We had such a great time on Thursday at our ‘Bite the Bullet’ F L O U R I S H. The sense of anticipation and excitement was palpable as everyone gathered round with their shiny, pristine, new notebooks. Who knew there were so many stationery nerds among us?  Turns out I’m not the only weirdo who gets over excited about a new notebook, half of Woburn Sands are the same! It makes me chuckle just thinking about it.

Anyway, we quickly got started setting up the four main elements of the BuJo as set out by Ryder Carroll ; the Index, the Future Log, the Monthly Log and the Daily Log, much of which I covered in my previous post ‘Whats all the fuss about Bullet journalling?’.

We started with the Index, selecting 3-4 pages at the front of our journals to write the Index heading and add a column for page numbers. Then we quickly moved onto the Future Log starting with June as we would cover May in the Monthly log later. A double page spread was divided up into six parts and the month heading written at the top of the section. This is where you can go to town with decorative lettering and colours to make it your own.

Sophie's Future Log with Hand Lettering
Sophie used a simple hand lettering technique to create this beautiful Future Log.


Julie set up a six month Future Log and had loads of events to remember for June!

Many of us didn’t have our calendars and diaries with us, but the beauty of the BuJo system is that it’s never final, you can continue to add to your spreads as life happens. Julie clearly has a very busy June planned already!

We then moved on to a Monthly Spread for May.

Sally Bullet Journal May Monthly Spread
Sally used some fab Washi Tape for her May Monthly Spread and managed to squeeze in a shopping list for even more organisation.
Vicky made use of this beautiful birdcage Washi Tape at the bottom of her May Spread. She also colour coded her entries. Noice!
Julie decided to use a smiley face to indicate days she is teaching dance. Go Jules !

One of the best things about Bullet Journalling is having an excuse to go mad with Washi Tape and we certainly did at Flourish! If you’ve not come across it before, Washi tape is a sort of decorative masking tape that you can use to customise anything. Check out the Flourish Washi Tape Pinterest board for a few examples.

You can never have too much Washi Tape!

Like anything, there are cheap and expensive versions of washi tape so do shop around. Check out Rymans , Hobbycraft , Amazon , Etsy or Paperchase for lots of great colours and designs. A top tip for writing onto washi tape is to use a permanent marker which usually gives better results than regular biros.

Lots of our Flourishers were using Washi tape for the first time and came up with some beautiful spreads which you will see from the pictures. When we moved onto creating more personal spreads, the fun really began, and ideas cross pollinated around the room. What a fantastically creative group!

The Pen Test is a nice simple spread to start off with and useful for future reference. Its pretty annoying when colours bleed through the page and ruin your masterpieces.
I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous Moomin Wisdom spread by Karen. Love Love Love!
Sarah put together a brilliant mood tracker
This is a simple idea brilliantly executed by Frances. A Washi washing line ! What’s not to like?
If you have too many things in your Future Log then you can separate out birthdays to make life easier. You can plan 12 months of presents and cards in a single place.
Love this Superhero tape
A spread to keep track of the books you have read and films on your watch list


Some more beautiful lettering from Sophie


Georgina used a highlighter on her weekdays which is really simple but looks great.
Lou took planning to a new level with a page to plan your pages. We all need one of those!
Love the butterflies Anita !
A cute little doodle from Jane
IMG_7443 1
Everyone’s got their BuJo MoJo in full swing.

IMG_7437 (2)IMG_7463IMG_7464

It was such an enjoyable evening. Thanks to everyone who came and shared their ideas and time for this session.

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Our next session will be number 12. Yes Flourish has been going for a whole year!!! I can’t believe it  !! Details for June to follow soon.

Keep Flourishing

Charlotte Xxx

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