Pom Tiddly Om Pom – Flourish June 2018

Lou was rightfully proud of her creations

A double booking for the Ellen Petit Hall this month meant that we had a last minute change of venue for our Pom Pom Flourish. So the first thing I must say is a huge thank you to the lovely Jayne who very kindly let us take over her dining room for the evening.  What a star! Jayne you saved the day!

There is something so joyful about a Pom Pom and it felt great to go back to a craft that all the group were familiar with from childhood. Earlier in the week I had invested in some plastic Pom Pom makers which we experimented with alongside the traditional cardboard ‘Doughnuts’. In the end the consensus was that the plastic hoops were better.

We used two types of plastic Pom Pom Maker. The first was from a brand called Clover which I found in John Lewis.

These Pom Pom makers were really solid and easy to handle. Once you had made one Pom Pom and got the feel of it they were pretty easy to use. The extra small one was very satisfying as you could make a tiny pom pom in a couple of minutes.

The other brand of plastic Pom Pom makers I used, was a gift from my sister Zoe a few months ago. I think the brand is called WHWH but the packaging is unclear.

These were a little more difficult to handle. Also the instructions seemed to have been through google translate several times so were difficult to understand.  However, there wasn’t that much in it, and once you mastered the technique, the Pom Poms turned out well.

Anita uses teal and pink wool for her Pom Pom made with the plastic Clover Pom Pom Maker
Anita uses teal and pink wool for her Pom Pom made with the plastic Clover Pom Pom Maker
Flourish is all about learning through maaking mistakes. This Pom Pom looks like it should have googley eyes and be part of a stop motion animation 🙂
Jayne’s needle felted Hare from our March Flourish watches over proceedings
Jayne quickly got the hang of it
Loz in her usual stylish fashion came pre pom pomed in a gorgeous necklace
First Flourish for Tash. Fab to have her along and she was a Pom Pom Ninja by the end.
Emma wearing her fab creations.
Pippa stuck to the smallest Pom Poms and chose some gorgeous colour combinations.
Going for a bit of a Frida look

It was another lovely evening. Thanks again to Jayne for saving the day. Our next Flourish will be life drawing on Thursday 12th July. You can buy your ticket here.

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Keep Flourishing

Charlotte Xxx

PS Here’s a little Pom Pom treat

Toni Basil – Hey Mickey





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